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South Sudan
HIV testing and counselling services in Juba. Photo: WHO.

World AIDS Day in South Sudan heightens campaigns to end AIDS by 2030

A medical personnel measures a child's middle upper arm circumference (MUAC) to check for malnutrition.  A color-coded MUAC band is a simple tool for screening children for acute malnutrition. Photo: WHO.

With threat of famine looming for 2018, WHO helps worst cases of malnutrition in children in South Sudan

Mr Evans Liyosi addressing the participants during the closing ceremony. Photo WHO

South Sudan implements a road map to introduce and institutionalize National Health Accounts

The delegates opening the maternity complex in Yambio.

Canada and WHO strides to improve maternal and child health in South Sudan

Dr Anthony Laku making a presentation on the National Polio Preparedness and Response plan 2017. Photo: WHO.

South Sudan conducts Polio Outbreak Simulation Exercise to strengthen Polio outbreak preparedness and response