Botswana News

Call to action by WR. Dr Ovberedjo: commitment by participants to use antibiotics rationally

WHO Botswana Advocates for Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) at the 2018 Ngwato Land Board Wellness Event

Dr Seipone, Director of Health Services - MOHW, officially opening the workshop

Botswana trains lawyers in Tobacco Control Legislation

Guidance and Counselling teacher explaining elevatated vegetable garden plots

Visiting Ghana delegation impressed by a Health Promoting School!

IDSR Training session in progress

Botswana successfully concludes the IDSR national Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop

Dr M Moeti meets Botswana's Acting President Hon. M Masisi

The Regional Director for Africa Meets Botswana's Acting President

External Review Team with the WR, Dr Martins Ovberedjo and the NPO-Malaria, Ms Kentse Moakofhi

Botswana conducts a comprehensive Malaria Performance Programme Review: Towards Elimination

Dr Moeti giving a Public Lecture presentation at the University of Botswana

Dr Moeti focuses on "Transforming Africa's Health: Leaving No-one Behind"