Cancer News

Honorable Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume, MP speaking to participants at the opening ceremony of the TOT cervical cancer capacity building workshop

Stopping Cervical Cancer and other NonCommunicable Diseases in Africa

Dr Laurent Musango, WHO Representative in Mauritius, pointing out the need for Mauritius to reduce the mortality rate due to NCDs which is estimated to be 23% .

Plusieurs activités lancées au centre de jeunesse de Rivière du Rempart

World Cancer Day: Gisagara Citizens in mass sports

Rwandans are called on to practice Sports and Hygiene to prevent cancers

Speaker of Parliament flags off the cancer day walk as WHO Representative looks on

Uganda commemorates World Cancer Day 2018

Dr Sirak Hailu, WHO Namibia Maternal Health Officer and Focal Point for NCDs,  guiding group discussions during the consultation workshop

Cancer Prevention and Control in Namibia