International Health Regulations News

JEE Seychelles IHR 2005

Seychelles conducts first ever Joint External Evaluation on implementation of IHR (2005) capacities

WHO Country Representative in South Africa, Dr Rufaro Chatora, called on the Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) to voice its support of and promote the Country’s proposed National Health Insurance (NHI)

Public Health Association of South Africa urged to promote country's National Health Insurrance

The IHR JEE team visiting the Central Medical Stores to validate findings presented in the JEE Self-Evaluation report

South Sudan conducts Joint External Evaluation of Core capacities for International Health Regulation (2005)

WHO’s Dr Stephane de la Rocque guides participants through the IHR/PVS core competencies matrix

Uganda commits to scaling up collaboration between veterinary health and the public health sector