Eradicating dracunculiasis: Chad intensifies national campaign as ninth human case is confirmed

6 September 2017 | Geneva -- The Ministry of Public Health of Chad has launched a national “Heroes of Guinea-worm campaign” to accelerate the prompt detection and containment of all human cases and animals infected with Dracunculiasis medinensis (the Guinea worm).

“The campaign focuses on creating awareness about the disease and sensitizing people living in districts and regions about ways to prevent the infection,” said Dr Tchindebet Ouakou, national coordinator of the Guinea Worm Eradication Programme in Chad. “Anyone who provides information about a confirmed case is awarded US$ 45.00 (CFA 25 000); the infected person also receives US$ 45.00 (CFA 25 000). The patient receives a total of US$ 90.00 (CFA 50 000) if he or she is also the informant.”

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