Kenya News

Kenyan health workers in a march to create awareness about the need to immunize children against polio

Kenya in determined effort to keep polio virus at bay

Launch of the WHO-supported national guidelines for cardiovascular diseases during the World No-Tobacco Day

Kenya Launches National Cardiovascular Disease Management Guidelines

A health worker gives medication to a patient.  Kenya has embarked on a extensive evidence-based approach to root out TB

Kenya embarks on new approach to prioritize future TB actions

Let us END Tuberculosis

Let us END Tuberculosis

Kenya Certified Free of Guinea worm disease

Kenya Certified Free of Guinea worm disease

Congratulatory mode as Kenya attains MNTE validation

Kenya recommended for validation of Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination

The Chikungunya mosquito. Symptoms of illness include  abrupt onset of fever, accompanied by joint pain, head ache, nausea, fatigue and rash

WHO supports Ministry of Health to contain Chikungunya Outbreak

WHO supports Ministry of Health to contain Chikungunya outbreak

DG Dr Tedros with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nairob where they discussed implementation of Universal Health Coverage and Kenya’s four priority areas of focus

WHO Director General Dr Tedros visits Kenya

 An elated Director of Medical Services Dr Jackson Kioko (centre) and team respond to the news ' Kenya meets the GW Certification criteria' and closer to GW-free status. From left: Drs. John Ogange (WHO), Dr Peter Cherutich (MOH), Dr Joyce Onsongo (DPC, WHO) and Dr Sam Mahugu (MOH)

Kenya meets Guinea Worm Free Certification Criteria