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    Data & Statistics

    Total population (2015) 39,032,00
    Gross national income per capita (PPP international $, 2013) 1
    Life expectancy at birth m/f (years, 2015) 60/64
    Probability of dying under five (per 1 000 live births, 0) n/a
    Probability of dying between 15 abd 60 years m/f (per 1 000 population, 2013) 325/256
    Total expenditure on health per capita (Intl $, 2014) 133
    Total expenditure on health as % of GDP (2014) 7.2

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    Country Health Topics

    The Uganda country health profiles provide an overview of the situation and trends of priority health problems and the health systems profile, including a description of institutional frameworks, trends in the national response, key issues and challenges. They promote evidence-based health policymaking through a comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of the health situation and health system in the country.

    Currently, Health Topics data is not available.

    Regional Health Topics

    There is a variety of Health Topics that affect the region, to see these topics visit Regional Health Topics page »

    Additional Info

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    Ebola Preparedness Uganda
    Ebola Preparedness Uganda
    Ebola Preparedness Uganda
    Ebola Preparedness Uganda
    Ebola Preparedness Uganda
    Ebola Preparedness Uganda

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    Uganda Office Contact

    The WHO Representative in Uganda is Dr Yonas Tegegn Woldemariam 

    Physical Address
    Plot 60 Prince Charles Avenue, Kololo, Kampala,
    P.O Box 24578

    TEL: +256 414 335500/ 313 335500


    Media inquiries: 256 31 3335500 / Ext 35569

    The WHO Representative Office

    Ms Olive Nyangoma, WR Secretary,

    Mr Ronald Kamukama, Senior Driver, 

    Health Systems and Services Cluster

    Mr Joespeh Mwoga, Essential Drugs & Medicines (Acting Cluster Coordinator),

    Mr Benjamin Sensasi, Health Promotion Advisor,

    Mr Moses Bagyendera, Public Health Informatics,

    Mr William Lari Ziras, Laboratory,

    Mr Edmond Mwebembezi, Public Information, 

    Ms Anne Araba, Administration Assistant, 

    Lifecourse team 

    Dr Olive Sentubwe-Mugisa, Family and Reproductive Health,

    Dr Benjamin Bodo, Child and Adolescent Health,

    Disease Prevention and Control Cluster

    Dr Miriam Nanyunja, Cluster Coordinator,

    Dr Bayo Fatunmbi, Malaria Team Lead,

    Dr Kaggwa Mugagga, HIV/AIDS and TB Prevention and Control,

    Dr Charles Katureebe, Malaria Prevention and Control,

    Dr Hafisa Kasule, Non-Communicable Diseases,

    Ms Ritah Nalwadda, HIV/AIDS,

    Mr Paul Mbaka, African Health Observatories,

    Ms Christine Karamagi, Admin Support,

    Ms Anette Babirye, Secretary,

    Health Securities Cluster

    Dr Annet Kisakye, Acting Cluster Coordinator, 

    Mr Collins Mwesigye, Public Health and Environment, 

    Mr Innocent Komaketch, Disaster Prevention and Response, 

    Polio Cluster

    Dr Annet Kisakye, Team Lead-Expanded Program on Immunization, 

    Dr Tenywa Emmanuel Kayiira, Routine Immunization, 

    Mr Andrew Bakainaga, Immunization Vaccines Development, 

    Dr Edson Katushabe, Surveillance Officer, 

    Ms Sophia Kyamanywa, Admin Assistant, 

    Country Support Unit

    Ms  Naiz Mavura, Operations Officer, 

    Ms Sarah Kasozi, NPO/ Programs, 

    Mr Sam Byakutaga, Procurement, 

    Ms Jane Amongi Akora, Library, 

    Ms Beatrice Kiiza, Budget and Finance Clerk, 

    Ms Suzan Kavuma Budget and Finance Assistant, 

    Mr Patrick Wokorach, Logistics and Travel clerk, 

    Mr Daniel Barongo, Transport Clerk,

    Ms Robinah Bakutunga, Office Clerk,