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Ayuba Gufwan’s

From neglect to inspiration: Ayuba Gufwan’s story

Vacinação contra Pólio

Father vaccinates community after daughter paralyzed by polio in Mozambique

Immunization experts agree on ways to reach more children with life-saving vaccines

Members of the public at the Garissa venue for Horn of Africa polio launch

Horn of Africa countries in a communique to speed up polio eradication

WHO staff administers Polio Vaccine during the OPV campaign in Uganda

No Vaccine Derived Polio Outbreak in Uganda

WHO Colleague vaccinating a child during the launching of mOPV2 vaccination

Ethiopia launches the 1st round synchronized mOPV2 campaign

A cross section of officials, health workers and community members at the launch of the IP vaccine in Freetown

Sierra Leone maximizes protection against polio with new vaccine launch

A child being vaccinated against polio in Freetown on day one of the four days campaign

Nationwide house-house polio supplementary immunization campaign starts in Sierra Leone