WHA Technical Briefing - Official launch of the business case for WHO immunization activities on the African continent

DATE: 23 May 2018

VENUE: Salle XII Palais des Nations

TIME: 12h30  to 14h00

As the Global Polio Eradication Initiative ramps-down and closes on the African continent and countries continue to transition from GAVI support, there is a need for WHO to transform its way of working to continue steadfast support to countries to attain Global Vaccine Action Plan targets and beyond.  

This technical briefing will illustrate WHO’s future plans for immunization while responding to the evolving needs of tomorrow. Such plans include the following:

  1. 2030 ambition to save 1.9 million lives and avert 167 million VPD cases.
  2. Paradigm change and new approach for immunization as a core component of UHC & health-SDGs.
  3. Country categorization for the African continent.
  4. WHO immunization maturity grid.
  5. WHO new value proposition and country-tailored approach.
  6. WHO transformation of the immunization programme. Please join us for the official launch of this business case.

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