WHO Eritrea Country Office Assumes a Functional Review: 11-15 December 2017

Asmara, 11 December 2017 - The time had reached for WHO Eritrea Country office for the functional review exercise to undertake; starting from December 11, 2017. The six-days exercise was part of the WHO transformation agenda (2015-2020). The purpose of the functional review is to ensure the Country Office has adequate and appropriate workforce to support Eritrea’s health priorities. Eritrea WHO Country Office is the 15th to be reviewed among the 18 countries scheduled for this year.

The team was acknowledged with warm welcoming, hospitality and full of support from all staff, national authorities, partners and stakeholders. During their visit, the functional review team had been meeting with the WR, all WHO staff members, different stakeholders, national authorities and partners; including the Ministry of Health and UN country team.

The functional review team headed by Dr Usman Abdulmumini is comprised of, Chikoto Rudo, Dr Okeibunor Joseph, Kakay Mohamed and Parris Ingrid Fiona.

This functional review exercise embraced evaluation of the Eritrea’s health priorities, financial situation and workforce in alignment with the country needs and priorities.

The main objective of the mission was to support the country office to execute this important exercise. Throughout the week, there was an in-depth discussions, group work, presentations, questions and answers.

The functional review is expected to improve the capacity of WHO country offices in the region to deliver high quality technical advice and operational support relevant to and appreciated by governments and the international partners.


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