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WHO Representative to Ethiopia - Dr Akpaka Kalu


Dr. Akpaka Kalu holds M.PH and M.B.B.S degrees from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and the University of Nigeria, respectively. Before his assumption of duty in Addis Ababa, he had previously served between June 1999 and May 2016 in the WHO regional office for Africa in Harare, Zimbabwe and in Brazzaville, Congo; in WHO Inter-country support teams in Harare, Zimbabwe and in Libreville, Gabon; as well as in the WHO country offices for Kenya and Sierra Leone.

Over the years Dr. Kalu’s professional interest has been in disease control, programme performance management and health entrepreneurship. Thus in the regional office and inter-country offices, Dr. Kalu served either as Coordinator of Malaria Action Coalition or Malaria strategic information and planning Officer; in the country offices he served either as Immunization Adviser, Malaria Adviser or as acting Country Representative.

Dr. Kalu is a Nigerian Citizen. He assumed the position of WHO Representative to Ethiopia in