Adolescent Health Services Policy and Strategy, 2016-2020

Adolescent Health Service Policy and Strategy, 2016-2020

During the adolescent period, young people undergo physical and psychological changes which have implica?ons for their social, economic and health development. The health and development of adolescents and young people are crucial for the development of the country. The health of young
people living in Ghana is an integral part of the development agenda for the populace. They are the nation's most valuable resource. The health sector
has the mandate to contribute to the promotion of the health and development of young people through the provision of quality adolescent
health care using integration of services and programmes in health facilities and outreach sites including mobile services. Young people (10-24 years) constitute 29.3% of Ghana's population
according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census. They face challenges associated with sexual and reproductive health, HIV and STIs, nutrition,
mental health, substance use, non-communicable diseases, intentional and unintentional injuries, various forms of violence, inequities and risks and
vulnerabilities linked with child marriage, child labor, trafficking as well as disabilities.