Adolescent Health in the African Region

Visualizing the problems and generating solutions for adolescent health in the African Region

Demographic changes in the past decades have led to the largest generation of young people, aged 10-24 years, in the world today. This group is comprised of adolescents, aged 10-19 years, and youth aged between 15-24 years. Young people account for 28% of the global population. While this proportion will decline in most regions in the coming years, it will remain above 30% until 2035 in Africa.

Approximately 196.5 million adolescents live in the African Region, representing 31% of the population. Morbidity and mortality rates amongst the adolescent population in Africa are high compared to other regions of the world. Pregnancy-related causes, HIV/AIDS, road traffic injuries, violence, and suicide rank among the main causes of adolescent deaths in the region.